Monday, September 19, 2011

Extra, Extra, Hey Look At The Headlines...

I get questions from time to time about where I shop for fabrics, trims, etc, as well as where I get my inspiration.  Here is the all-encompassing sewing post that I hope will help answer many questions, and maybe help me to remember fabric shops I might forget in the future!!!  I will update this as I find new or inspiring places to visit as well.  I plan to make a button for my sidebar when I redesign again (hopefully soon!) and that way everyone can access this post easily. 

Fabric Shopping - I haven't bought from all of these online retailers, but I love to browse!  I have found many of these by reading sewing blogs, so a BIG thanks to all the bloggers for the recommendations!!!
Gorgeous Fabrics
Fabric Mart Fabrics
Fashion Fabric Club
Denver Fabrics
Emma One Sock
B&J Fabrics
Super Buzzy
Thai Silks
Trim Fabrics
Elliot Berman Textiles
Hawthorne Threads
Fabric Worm
M&J Trims

Tutorials - I will constantly be adding to this section!
Bow Belt Tutorial by Tilly and the Buttons
Make Your Own Continuous Bias Tape by Coles Corner and Creations

Learn to Sew - My biggest piece of advice is to have NO fear!  It's just fabric, and the best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice!  We are always learning!  I would also suggest reading/sewing along with sewalongs.  You can learn alot through that!  I always read the posts, even when I am not sewing along! :)
Threads Teach Yourself To Sew Series
A Fashionable Stitch's Sewing School
Invisible Zipper Tutorial
Colette Patterns Invisible Zipper Tutorial
Blind Hem Stitch Tutorial
Hong Kong Seam Finish
Flat Felled Seam Finish
Amanda's Adventures in Sewing Tutorials
What Needle to Use?
How to Add a Waistband to a Skirt Pattern
How to Make Thread Beltloops

I collect inspiration for sewing everywhere!  You will see some of my favorite blogs to your left under Sewing With...  I also keep a folder of images from magazine that I like, a file on my computer, and you can follow my Pinterest board here.

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  1. you should look at for fabric! they are in tx and have some really fabulous fabrics, and ship super fast. I've ordered from them a few times, and have been thrilled each time!


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