Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ever Changing Sewing Room...

I have a very hard time making decisions on things.  Not really important things, but things like home decor and my bridesmaids dresses (which took a good 6 months for me to decide on).  I constantly change my mind and second guess my judgement.  However, once I really decide on something and think it through, I am extremely happy with my choices and don't have a second thought.  Many of you will remember a couple months back that I told y'all I was using my favorite new(ish) movie as my inspiration for my sewing room, Marie Antionette by Sofia Coppola.  I was envisioning striped dupioni silk drapes, blue walls, and gold accents.  I do still think this would beautiful, but a few reasons have made me rethink this. 
  1. I am not planning to buy a new desk, and the old one I have is oak veneer (yuck) and I was planning to make a tablecloth/skirt thing to cover it.  While the oppulent fabrics like silk and taffeta are gorgeous for windows, I feel like this would not breath very well when I am sitting at the desk for hours sewing.  I would probably get very hot and wouldn't like this in the long run. 
  2. The space might be overwhelmed with this oppulent look.  I think I want the space to look a bit more relaxed.
  3. My bedroom at my mom's house was very shabby chic and floral.  I still have a lot of those decor pieces and want to be able to utilize them. 
So with these changes I am still using Marie Antionette as my inspiration, but instead of her suite at Versailles, I am using the Petit Trianon and the Hameau de la reine as the vision.  It is just more me and more liveable. 

The colors and  look of this part of the movie will be my inspiration for the space. 

The flowy fabrics, flowers, and colors are what I want to envoke in the room when it is done.

I am using my normal style of French Country and Shabby Chic.  I plan to paint the walls blue.  I purchased a bookshelf off Craigslist the other day and am in the process of fixing it up (another post coming soon).  It will be painted creamy white and distressed.  I have fabric on the way to make a chair cover for my oak desk chair, and to make a new ironing board cover and a dog bed for my sweet puppy.  He likes to sit with me while I sew and feel so sad for him when I have to keep making him move off the fabric. 

I am also planning to buy some white linen for the drapes and tablecloth, and I want to incorporate some glass knobs into a shelf and pull-backs for the drapes. 

I also will buy some new accent pieces and eventually want a chair for when Thomas or Ashton hang out in there with me. 

I would love a three tiered basket for storing my ribbon

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I plan to make myself some fun little items for sewing eventually, like a ham, seam roll, and pin cushion.

It will be a work in progress for the time being, but I will keep you posted throughout.  I am so excited!!!


  1. What fun! I am excited about your plan.

  2. I can't wait to see photos as it comes along! I am working on mine too, and it is a slow process, but, so far so good!


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