Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Cashier at Wal-greens

This is just too good not to share with y'all! There is this lady that works the checkout at our local Wal-greens. She is probably in her mid-60s and she is extremely friendly. TOO FRIENDLY! Going through the check-out is a major ordeal because she has to comment on every single item you buy and ask you if you like it, if it is something she should buy, and so on. She also gets in your personal business. For example, the day I had my toe surgery I went to Wal-greens to get gauze and stuff I needed. I was limping around in there with a flip flop on with my toe all bandaged. Obviously, any one would wonder what I had done. Well, the cashier lady was no exception. Ashton was with me and she happened to be checking out already when I limped up to the checkout. The lady says to Ashton, "Oooh, your friend looks like a cripple." Nothing else, just that. So Ashton told her that I had an ingrown toenail removed and at this point I was standing there too. She starts asking me all the normal questions about the procedure, but then she starts asking me if I think she should get it done because she has one and it hurts her sometimes. It took me like 10 minutes of talking with this lady to get out of there. She just kept saying how scared she was to have it done and that she probably should get it done. Okay, lady, not to be mean but I don't know you and I just had surgery and I really don't want to talk to you right now about this. I want to go home and put my foot up and relax, not to mention take my pain pills! She just turned the conversation into me advising her whether she should get the surgery done. I am not her doctor, I have never seen her toe, nor do I want to, so I really can't tell her either way. It was bizarre.

Well, I am starting to think she is the only cashier they have because every time I go there she is there and she is equally as annoying. A few weeks ago, Thomas and I ran in to get something and while we were checking out she kept pushing some gum they had on sale on us. The whole time she kept talking about how it was on sale for .79 instead of $1.25 or something. She said it was such a good deal that people would be crazy to pass that up. She was just going on and on about it like they were giving away a free BMW. I kept telling her I wasn't interested and she just kept going on about it until I finally politely told her that we don't chew gum. We do chew gum, but I thought it would stop the sales pitch. She wasn't even ringing us up because she was too busy peddling gum. She finally checked us out and we left thinking she was such a nutcase.

This morning I realized that I needed a sketchpad for Art Appreciation at 10 am for a graded assignment we were going to have today. I completely forgot to pick one up prior and was in a tight bind this morning to get one. I skipped the gym and got ready early and left with a list of places in my mind that might carry one. The first stop due to closeness was Wal-greens. I ran in, found a sketch pad thank goodness, grabbed some breakfast and a coke and ran to the checkout trying to hurry so I wouldn't be late to school. Crazy cashier lady was there again today. She first commented on the size of the Coke I bought.

C: "Oh, you got the big one huh."
Me: "Yep" (thinking that it is only .10 more for a 1 liter bottle and I might as well buy it for that price, but of course if I said that she would be peddling that stinkin' coke the rest of the I kept quiet)
C: "Oh, WOW, you got special K bars. I need to get me some of those. Are they good? Would I like them?" while holding the box and NOT ringing them up for about 3 minutes while examining the back.
Me: "Yep" (Obviously they are good if I am buying them!)
C: "Oh, they are strawberry. Why did you get strawberry? The chocolate ones are really good." she finally rang them up.
Me: "I like the strawberry" (So therefore she knows special K bars are good then right?)
C: "If you like chocolate you should get some of these candy bars that are on sale over here."
Me: "I can't eat chocolate."
C: "I don't really eat chocolate either too much. I just eat a little bit. Well, you would love these candy bars that are on sale for such and such. They taste like kit-kats but they aren't kit-kats!!!"
Me: "No thank you, I don't eat chocolate."

Then she hands me my receipt and I pick up the bag, but she is convinced I am going to drop the bag. She stops me and makes me carry BOTH handles before I can leave.

Is that not the most annoying thing you have ever heard! I know she is just trying to be friendly, but I don't have an hour to chat every time I go to Wal-greens. I try to be polite, but not overly friendly because it would start a conversation with her. I am seriously thinking that I am not going to shop at this particular Wal-greens anymore because this lady is just so annoying! Haha! I hope this made y'all laugh on this Friday! Have a good weekend!


  1. We had a lady like that at our Rite Aid! I finally was just straight forward one day and said "I'm in a BIG hurry today, so no chatting!". Lol. that worked!

  2. so annoying but hilarious! ha!

  3. She sounds like the "Target" lady on Saturday Night Live. Hilarious! But it would drive me crazy! xoxo

  4. That is soo annoying but so funny to read! Hahaha!

  5. Ha ha! It sounds like a skit of Saturday Night Live! What a nut!

  6. Ha ha! I just read Preppy 101's comment, but I didn't realize there actually was a Target lady on SNL!


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