Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mental Registering

It is no secret that one of the absolute best things about getting married is registering! I have quite a while until I register, but I am super excited to do so. For now I am stuck to making a mental registry of all the things that I love! I have gathered a few tips from Ashton when she got married about registering. One of the best tips I have been given is if you are going to register at multiple department stores to register for your china at only one of the stores. It makes returning the extras you are bound to get so much easier. You don't have to deal with, "That setting wasn't sold at our store so we can't take it back." I am tentatively planning to register at Belk for my china, crystal, silver, etc. and then some other store for home decor. I am really thinking that I will go with Pottery Barn for that. I LOVE PB! I am also probably going to have a Pampered Chef wedding shower so that is where most of my kitchenwares will come from. So, what are my tentative picks? These are a few of my must have items, and a few fun ones that most likely won't be available when I register but they show the style I am going to try to achieve in our first home.Vera Wang Grosgrain for formal chinaVera Wang Grosgrain FlatwareVera Wang Classic StemwareJuliska for casual china - need to find out who carries this in my area because I am in love with it!Lenox Holiday Christmas China - not sure if I will register for Christmas china, but if I do I have always loved this one!
I just adore china if you can't tell! I have already told Thomas we will be having at very least quarterly dinner parties at our house. He's fine with it too! :)I have already told all my family and friends that I will be unbelievably sad if I don't receive a Kitchenaid! It is their duty to make sure I get one! Haha! I am not sure what color yet.I love this duvet and I might just buy it instead of registering if they do away with it before our wedding.These bird prints would look gorgeous hung over the bed.I love the weight of this clock.When we go buy our living room furniture I want to get something in this color. I change my mind about decor so often, I want neutral so I can jazz it up with colorful decor.
Do you girls have any advice for me when I register (probably about a year from now, ha!) Anything you received that you never used? Anything you wish you registered for looking back? Any tips on where is a good place to register? I hope y'all enjoyed my virtual registry.


  1. For your casual china go to http://www.juliska.com/ and enter your zip code into their store locator and you will find a local place. If there is nothing local, neimen marcus carries it and their registry is easy to locate.
    Love your mental registry. The registry was so exciting to me because I was picking out pieces that would be a part of our new home. I am still collecting odds and ends of our china and silver. I completed out crystal, and we have the minimum required by me for our china. I just want more dinner plates and then maybe dessert plates also. I am planning on getting more dinner plates so that I can have a larger buffet than the 13 place settings I currently have.
    And I never can get enough silver, we have twelve place settings, but I would love to have more like 24.
    Additionally, I love my kitchen aid, which I got my grandmother in college (it was her old one). They last FOREVER and what I am excited about is using my attachments that I got off my registry for presents. I cannot wait to use them. That mixer is probably the one thing that I would recommend to everyone no matter their style, as long as they spend time in their kitchen.
    Sorry for the long comment, I just get so excited over registries. Please keep us updated on what you eventually official choose for the registery.

  2. I love that china and flatware. We have such similar tastes!

  3. I love that China pattern. We registered at Macy's and William Sonoma. I found both places to be wonderful, but some lines at macys put out seasonal things (martha stewart does this), and they will be unavailable shortly after the said holiday. Keep that in mind.

  4. You have wonderful taste!

    We have a joke that if you don't register for china at Belk, it's not a real wedding.

  5. I love Pampered Chef and that seems like such a fun place to register for things like that! I'd consider it when it is my turn!

  6. Love love everything!! I specially live Flatware,formal china and stemware. I love classic things!!! I thougth like you about neutral colors I think are perfect!!

  7. I love the china you picked out. Very pretty and will definitely not go out of style!

    When we were first married many years ago, my hubby began buying me pieces for our china and crystal that we were missing. I can still remembering opening up that first present on Christmas morning and finding the candlesticks to our china.

    Enjoy registering!!!

  8. I adore all your picks! I especially love the Vera Wang China!!

  9. Beautiful choices, each and every single one. I have a complete set of the Lenox Christmas...it is truly a classic.

  10. Beautiful choices! I love the china pattern you chose. I also registered for my china at Belk and I'm still adding to it. I need a new china cabinet so I will have a place to store it.

    That duvet is beautiful as well.

    Have fun registering!

  11. Oh boy! This post was right up my alley! I love, love, love china and was so excited when we registered for ours! Thomas and I registered at Belk and Williams Sonoma. I thought both stores were very helpful and it was easy to update registries, make changes, etc.

    We registered for formal china, casual china, holiday china, and crystal at Belk. I am going to get my silver at a place called Replacements Limited. Their silver prices are wonderful.

    The biggest piece of advice that I have is to register for exactly what you want. I worried about the price of some of the things that I registered for because they were expensive. Our holiday china in particular. I love it and just decided to register for it anyway. I am glad I did, because we got right much of it and I have been able to complete my set.

    I love the Grosgrain pattern that you are leaning towards! It is so classic! We registered for Vera Wang china and I have really enjoyed it. We use our china all the time when we have dinner parties.

    I feel like I have written a book in your comemnts section! Ha ha!

    Enjoy your weekend and I can't wait to see what you choose when you register!

  12. I big puffy heart my kitchenaid. It's the color Martha has and hold on honored spot on my kitchen counter!


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