Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Updates

Hello girls! I have been so blah the past few days. I didn't go to work yesterday because I felt really icky and Sunday night I seriously got only 1.5 hours of sleep. I had a terrible night that consisted of what I think was a fever that broke in the middle of the night, getting up and down all night because I was dying of thirst and then consequently going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. It was terrible. I finally quit fighting it around 4 and just laid in my bed waiting for 6:30 so that I could call my boss to tell him that I wasn't coming in. I haven't run a fever since Sunday night when it broke, so I came on into work today. I am still feeling blah, but I am not sick feeling anymore. I feel like I have a lot to catch everyone up on. I am just going to do a list today. It's really all wedding stuff, but I probably won't be doing a wedding post for a while since we are going to have longer to plan the wedding than originally planned. I don't really have to worry about planning it right now. (see below) I promise something more exciting tomorrow.
  • Thomas and I have decided to wait for two years to get married. I don't want to bore you with all that went into the decisions, but I will say that there were more pros in the 2011 wedding date than in the 2010 wedding date. Some of them being that we will have significantly more money since I will be out of college, we will most likely be able to buy a house in our hometown that we adore, I will be less stressed out during our first year since I will not have to juggle school in addition to all the other new changes, Thomas will have a year of working full-time to save up for us to have money to start furnishing our home. Like I said, a lot of pros. (There are even more but I don't want to bore you)
  • I ordered some really cute "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards off etsy before I decided this and I will get them in sometime in July. I will be sure to show them to y'all when they come in. I guess I will hold onto them for a little while before I send them out since I have a lot more time. I am contemplating getting some "Will you be my groomsman?" cards for Thomas to send out so that the guys will know that we are formally asking them to be in our wedding, but I don't want to make the guys laugh at Thomas :) He said he doesn't care and if I want to buy them I can. I have time to decide I guess, but it is on my mind.
  • I toured the American Legion on Friday and HATED it. It was old (not in a good way), musty, the paint was peeling off the walls, floors looked terrible, guest entered in a stairwell, TERRIBLE! I took pictures, but it is not worth uploading. I guess you get what you pay for.
  • I talked budget with my father and it went very well. It feels really good to know we are on the same page with the budget and I know what it budget for each item on the list. It is all going to come together beautifully!

Not the most interesting post, but I needed to catch all my readers up on the big stuff that happened this weekend. Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. :-) Well, two years gives you plenty of time to decide everything that you want and all the perfect details. And all the great wedding blogs out there! I have wedding "bios" I did for the Knot but sadly this was all before I knew about blogging!

  2. I think thats a great idea to wait until you're both finished with school. And it will give you more time to get everything exactly the way you want it :)

  3. I think it's a great idea to wait as well. My boyfriend & I have discussed similar things regarding finishing school - having more secure finances & so on! Sorry you were feeling icky, hopefully that passes super quick!

  4. It sounds like you have peace about your decision to wait 2 more years to get married. You are right, it sounds like the pros outweigh the cons, so I know you feel good about that. You can still be making choices and researching things in the meantime. Hope you feel better real soon! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Well that gives you plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding and have everything else in your life together as well! When we were married, we were so unprepared for it! We had an apartment, hardly any furniture, hardly any money, oh and no car. Hubby had a very OLD car that had no A/C. But we slowly got things together and can say it's been a great life. Enjoy your day!

  6. I think it is very smart of you both to wait until school is finished...gives you so much time to make the day more special! Love the "Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman" cards!


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