Friday, June 6, 2014

Painting Pottery

Every month we go to Midnight Star Pottery to paint a plate with Tripp's hand and/or footprint on it. I got this idea when he was about a month old and we were doing a birth announcement type of plate.  I had wanted to do it when he was first born, but with all the craziness of having a preemie and exhaustion, I didn't feel well enough to do that until he was a month.  We go every month and we are having a blast making plates to match the theme of the month or the holiday that falls that month.  We never seem to do only one plate either!  We do our normal plate, and then usually something for the next gift for the grandparents coming up. I alsolutely love painting these plates! 

I'm so sad this is blurry!




Painting pottery will always be a fun memory I have of being with my little man when he was a baby.  I will treasure these pieces for my whole life!   

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day in the Life - 4. 5 months

I have been meaning to do one of these day in the life style posts for a while now.  Things change so quickly and I want to remember how the days are right now!  I wish I had done one of these when Tripp was a newborn, but things were so scattered and I was so tired.  Now that Tripp is older we have more of a "schedule" and I use that word VERY loosely.  He has a routine we follow, but the times may change day to day.  We have chosen to parent in an on-demand style that is in the style of Attachment Parenting.  We don't really feel comfortable in Baby Wise, Cry It Out, etc.  It can work for some families, but it doesn't fit out family or the aspects we have placed importance on. 

5:00-6:30 AM - Wake Up!  Thomas and I are lucky that our job offers flex time and we are able to come into work when we feel like it in the morning.  The goal is to wake up at 5 and get to work early, but it doesn't always happen.  The time we wake up depends largely on what kind of night I had the night before.  I get up and start getting ready.  I do as much getting ready as I can, and then I usually go tend to Tripp.  Thomas usually unwraps him and wakes him up while I start getting ready, and then once he is really awake, I go get him dressed and ready for the day.  Sometimes this includes nursing him, and other times he isn't hungry after his last night feeding (or I just woke up after that night feeding for the day).  I finish up getting myself ready and Tripp goes back in the Rock and Play, in the Bumbo, under the play mat, or even in the bed depending on what he seems happiest in.  After I am done I take him downstairs to Daddy.  Daddy spends some time with him while I get my lunch together, wash bottles if necessary and/or make his bottles for the day.  Daddy gets him in his carseat and loads him in there.  I grab our bags and leave as soon as I am done. 

7:00 AM (depending when we woke up, but saying it was 6:00 we woke) - Leave for work and daycare.  We are able to be at daycare within 15-20 minutes with traffic and then it takes about 10 minutes to get him settled in the classroom.  I have a hard time leaving him so I like to get a few more snuggles and kisses before I leave so it takes a few minutes.  I fill out the daily paperwork and get him settled in the swing or the crib and then go on to work.  I am able to be at work in another 20 minutes after that with traffic. 

8:00 AM - start my work day.  I try to get him earlier than this, but most of the time it doesn't happen.  I pump 3 times at work.  If I get to work at 8 or so, it usually ends up being at 9, 11:30, and 2:30.  I pump 15ish ounces while separated.  Tripp takes 4-5 2 oz. bottles during the day at daycare. 

4:30 PM - leave work and go to get Tripp from daycare.  I pick him up, talk to the afternoon teacher a little bit to find out about his day and then we head home.  Thomas talks to him in the car a little bit, but he usually ends up falling asleep.  Tripp doesn't nap too much at school. 

5:30 PM - HOME! Tripp usually falls asleep in the car and I let him sleep in his carseat while I scarf down a little dinner.  After dinner, I wake him up, nurse him a little (which usually puts him back to sleep), and we go take a bath. 

6-6:30 PM - bathtime!  He loves his bath and just plays and plays in the water.  Depending how tired he acts, I let him play for a while.  After bathtime, we get him all ready for bed.  Sometimes he wants to play for a little while, and we will go play with some of his toys or do some tummy time.  Other times he is ready for bed.  This whole bathtime and playtime is sometimes completely ommitted if he is really exhausted and didn't nap.  Occassionally he will fall asleep in the car and fight being woken and be ready for non-stop sleep!  We follow his cues in this. 

7-8:00 PM - bedtime!  We go in his room, turn off the lights, turn on the fan and white noise machine, sit in the rocker and nurse until he is full and goes to sleep.  I nurse and rock him to sleep almost every night.  I know many people say not to do this, but it works for me and it is my favorite part of the day.  I think it is Tripp's too.  I really don't care if it is "wrong" Once Tripp is good and asleep, I put him in his crib.  If he settles easily, we leave him there until about 10.  If he doesn't settle and fights it, we go ahead and put him in his bassinet.  He is not a huge fan of the crib.  We are working on it, but I am really not in a rush to get him in there.  He stays in the crib until he wakes for his next feeding. 

10:00 PM  - Tripp wakes to eat.  I nurse him, and we all go to sleep after this feeding. 

1:30 AM - Tripp usually wakes to nurse.  I feed him in the bed and then put him back in his bassinet

3:30 AM - Tripp usually wakes again to nurse.  These middle of the night feedings are all over the place.  Sometimes he skips 1 of them.  Sometimes he adds in some extra ones.  Sometimes he pushes them to different times.  These are approximate. 

5:00 AM - Tripp wakes to eat again.  I try to wake for work, but a lot of the time I sleep until 6.  I will give him a little bit more nursing time at 6 when I wake, but he usually doesn't eat much at all.  I just like to top him off. 

That's what our days are like right now!  It is a lot of work, but it is SO wonderful!  I wouldn't trade this life for anything! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Go to the Pool!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for 2 weeks!  Ashton and I had planned in advance that we were going to take the babies to the pool and I was so excited!!!!  Saturday, we woke up (at the crack of dawn...5:00 AM I think) and hung out.  Tripp is very much in his schedule of waking early due to use getting him up so we can go to work.  He doesn't get the memo that the weekend is for sleeping in!  haha!  We woke pretty early and I decided to show him Baby Einsteins on youtube.  He has been very interested in what has been happening on the tv lately and I thought this might interestng to him.  Boy was it ever!!! He wiggled all around in his little rock and play (while I held the phone and tried to lay there resting and Daddy slept).  He got SO excited by the animals on the screen and cooed and "talked" to them and kicked his legs and waved his arms and just got so excited!  It was precious to watch!  It woke up Daddy of course, and we were all up for the day.  Thomas let me go back to sleep after he was awake and took care of Tripp for a couple hours.  Thomas is really good about letting me go back to sleep on the weekend mornings.  He knows I am tired because I am the sole person to get up in the night due to breastfeeding.  Weekend mornings Thomas wakes around 6-7 and then takes Trippy off my hands and lets me sleep.  If he gets hungry, he brings him to me in the bed and I side nurse him while I doze.  It works very well for us.  I got up good for the day around 9 and then we started getting the house clean.  I had to run an errand to go pick up an exersaucer for Tripp that I bought on the local yardsale Facebook page and I went to the bank. 
Around lunch time, Ashton and I decided to go the pool with the kids.  I got Tripp all ready in his suit and drove over to her house.  We walked the babies to the pool in the strollers and I put Tripp in the stroller like a big boy for the first time!  I really don't love strolling with Tripp in the carseat now that he isn't tiny.  I hate to strap in all in there for a long period of time, but it is necessary now that he is bigger and such a wiggleworm.  Plus he sweats terribly in it.  Tripp seemed to really enjoy his new ride and fell right to sleep on the walk over.  I got in the pool with Ash and Emma and let Tripp get his nap out in the stroller where I could see him.  He slept for a good hour, and then I went to check on him.  He woke up and I fed him, sunscreened him up, and let him try out the pool.  Our community pools have the type of shallow end that is like the ocean where you walk in on a slant and it gradually gets deeper.  There are no stairs in the shallow end.  I sat in the very shallow water and put Tripp's legs in the water and let him "stand" in there.  Then I let him sit on my lap in the water and have his bottom and legs in the water.  He seemed pretty indifferent about the whole thing.  He didn't splash or get excited.  It might be because it was cold to him being that he had only ever been exposed to warm baths, or maybe because he was still tired after his nap.  Either way, when Emma started fussing we called it a day and took the babies home.  I think Tripp will come to enjoy the pool as the summer progresses, but today it wasn't a hit. 

When we got him out of the pool and into the stroller, he SCREAMED!  I don't know if he was just tired from the sun (we weren't out long though) or he was not happy about being in a wet diaper for a few minutes or what, but he was not happy.  When we got to Ashton's house, I gave him a bath and got him dressed and he was still pretty fussy.  I took him right now, fed him again, and he passed out.  The rest of the evening, he pretty much either fussed or slept.  He was not his normal happy self.  Ashton and I were going to try to hang out or eat dinner or something, but the babies were not having it! 

Sunday, Tripp woke up early early again!  He was up all hours of the night, and then woke for good at 4:30 in the morning! We got up and hung out in his room and played and then watched some Baby Einsteins.  I am kinda happy we can watch tv with him now on weekend mornings.  It is an easy entertainment when I am exhausted.  I don't let him watch tv all the time, but one episode 2 times a week is just fine in my opinion.  Thomas got up a little later and watched Tripp while I slept.  We decided to skip church since Thomas and I were tired.  Around 1, I met Ashton at Twomama's and we rode together to go to lunch and go shopping.  We ate at Logan's with the kids and then went to Carter's, Belk, and the mall.  I didn't buy anything, but Ashton got some nice things.  We got home around 5:00 and then I went to the grocery store.  After the grocery store, my mom called and asked if she and Nanny could come by to see Tripp and me.  They came over and I showed them how Tripp got excited for the Baby Einsteins and we all oohed and awhed over him.  Mom hung out with me until about 10, and then I went to bed.   It was a good weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun and Challenging Weekend

This weekend was really fun in a lot of ways and really challenging in a lot of others.  I took off Friday to take Tripp to the doctor for his 4 month well baby check up.  My mom went with me to help me with Tripp getting his shots and to see the office.  She had gone to his other pediatrician, but had not been to this one so she wanted to see the office and meet the doctor since there might be times where she takes him for me.  Tripp did really well at his appointment.  He has gained 1 lb and 6 oz this month for a total weight of 12 lbs and 7 oz.  His gaining seems to be slowing down now that he isn't a newborn.  We discussed a few questions that I had including the slight flat spot on the back of his head.  I have been SO worried because I have noticed a bit of a flat spot developing on his head for the last month or so.  I have been really pushing tummy time to try to counter act it and avoid getting an expensive helmet.  The doctor gave me some pointers to help avoid putting too much "weight" if you will on the spot and to help let it round back out naturally.  If it isn't better at the 6 month well baby visit, she suggested we talk about physical therapy.  That kinda scares me because I don't want him to have anything wrong with him to need physical therapy.  His doctor also kinda annoyed me when she brought up his sleeping routine and arrangements.  She asked if he was still in our room and I told her yes, he still slept in his rock and play bassinet.  She told me to start transitioning out of it.  I had already been doing that, and I don't even know why it annoyed me that she told me to move him out of it, but it did.  Then she asked me if I still swaddled him and I told her yes, and she said to start transitioning him out of that too.  That also annoyed me and I don't know why.  Maybe because it felt like she was giving me parenting advice and hello, I am there for medical advice...I am going to do what I want to do with the parenting part.  Although the swaddling does have a bit of medical advice to it as it is dangerous when they can roll over (and Tripp is no where near that with his prematurity) so I guess that is why she suggested to stop doing it.  Anyway, those tidbits were not all that annoying until the next topic got brought up and now that whole conversation irked me.  She said that he should be stretching out his nights now.  I said he kinda was, but still wakes between 2-3 times a night.  She then proceeding to give me some crappy advice in my opinion.  She suggested that if he goes down at 7 (which I told her he does) then wake him no matter what before I go to sleep so that he will give me a longer stretch in the middle of the night.  Great idea in theory, but in practice not so much.  Don't you think I have tried that?  Tripp won't wake up unless he wants to.  I have tried the whole dream feeding thing.  He won't have it.  He purses his lips together as if to say, "leave me alone, I am sleeping!"  On the off chance I can get him to wake he will only eat about an ounce I would say.  My boobs are still full after he passes all the way back out and he certainly doesn't sleep any longer...sometimes shorter believe it or not.  Then she suggested giving him a dream feed at like 3-4 am in a bottle (so Thomas could do it) of only like 1.5 oz just to get him to sleep all the way til we wake up in the morning.  She said after doing that for a while he will eventually drop it and sleep through it.  I asked her about my supply if I give a bottle and if I should pump.  She said "oh yea, set an alarm and pump at like 1 am and feed him that milk at 3-4"  Um NO WAY.  Hook myself up to a pump, make a bottle, etc. in the middle of the night.  HECK NO!  I am perfectly fine with waking 2-3 times and giving him his small little snack.  Those feedings don't require me to get out of my bed, or really fully wake up.  I just kinda drift off while he does his thing and then I put him back in the bassinet.  It's less exhausting than all that sounds and it's supposed to make him sleep longer.  Well it may make him sleep longer, but it makes me do more work and that is not the name of this game!  She can do what she wants in that regard and I will do what I want.  Anyway, I was annoyed and I don't know why I went on about it, but I irked me and I will do as I please in this regard.  Mommy knows what best for her baby and that isn't what's best for us.  After all that was time for shots.  He was so happy that morning, but that ended after he got his shots.  Poor thing did not respond to the 2 month shots well, and he didn't respond well to the 4 month shots either.  I held him in my lap while the nurse gave him 3 shots in his legs.  At first I thought he wasn't going to cry because he didn't make any noise until the 2nd shot was going in, but it was a delayed response from the first one because he was so upset!  He turned bright red and screamed like no other.  He would not calm down until I let him nurse either.  He is a big time comfort nurser. 

"the lights, Nana, the lights!" - Tripp

Afterwards, Mom and I went to the Diner on Abercorn to eat brunch.  I had never been there, but it was so good!  I will definitely be back!  Mom and I had a nice breakfast and then I took her home and went downtown to Forsyth Park.  My plan was to hang out with a few friends that afternoon since I had the day off.  Tripp was a little fussy by this point in the day, but I forged on because I figured he would feel better if he got a little fresh air.  It was a beautiful day in the park!  Bobbie came with her two boys and Jessica came a little later with her two boys.  It is so fun to have friends with babies a similar age as mine.  It was a cool day on Friday, but as we sat in the sun, it got really warm! Luckily, Jessica thought to bring sunscreen to put on the babies!  We didn't put any on ourselves, but the babies were protected! While we were chatting, Bobbie's son Roman got his cast wet in the fountain/splash pad by the cafe!  Poor Bobbie had to leave early to go to Statesboro to get a new cast for Roman! What a pain to have to pack up and go all that way with a small child and a baby! I ended up staying at the park for a few hours and it was SO nice!  These are the times when I really miss maternity leave and wish I could be a stay at home mom.  What a life to just get to spend your days at the park and being with your children!  I know it isn't a glamourous life and it has it struggles for sure, but it is the life I wish I could live every day!  What I wouldn't give to have that option! I would find such supreme joy to be able to stay home, take care of our home, cook meals for my family, and raise my children.  Unfortunately that isn't the plan God has in my life right now, and I am trying to make the best of being a working mom.


That afternoon and evening were normal for the most part.  I gave Tripp a bath to get the sweat and sunscreen off of him, nursed him, and put him to bed.  I watched some tv and fell asleep watching a movie.  Around 8:00, Thomas woke me up and told me I had been asleep for a while and that I should wake up if I wanted to sleep that night.  I woke up and watched "Failure to Launch" which is where I got the idea for Tripp's name a long time ago.  It's not the best movie or anything, and honesty naming your child after a character in a movie who is like 35 and won't leave home probably isn't great karma, but I liked Tripp ever since and said to myself that would be my son's nickname since Thomas III was non-negotiable.  Around 10:00 when I was ready to go to sleep for the night, I picked Tripp up to feed him.  He was burning up!  He absolutely hates Tylenol, so I was hoping this wouldn't happen.  I was able to give him a little Tylenol earlier in the day as a preventative, but it was long gone by now.  At his 2 month shots, he never ran a fever but threw up a lot.  This time he ran a fever of about 102, although I can't be sure because the forehead thermometer wouldn't give me consistent readings.  I gave him Tylenol, he threw it up, so I gave him a luke warm bath.  It seemed to get him to about 100 according to the armpit reading.  He was happy as could be despite the fever, but was wide awake after throwing up and a bath.  I think I got him back down at 12, but couldn't go to sleep til after 1 myself because I was worried.  This was the first fever he has ever run!  At 3:00ish, he woke to nurse and was really warm again.  I gave some Tylenol, he threw it up, and we did another luke warm bath.  I was pretty much up and down after that.  I think Thomas woke up at 7 and at that point, I fed Tripp one more time and went to sleep again myself. 

happy as a clam despite the fever

Saturday morning, I slept as much as I could. I didn't get out of the bed until at least noon. I was so tired after our rough night! I watched The Lorax, layed in bed, surfed my phone, and snoozed as much as I could, while of course taking time to take care of Tripp and feed him but Thomas did the heavy lifting this morning. At noon, I decided I needed to quit being lazy and get going. My house was an absolute wreck and needed some TLC. I tried to get some things done on Saturday, but unfortunately, Tripp was feeling bad.  He continued to run a fever and threw up a few more times. However, the best part of the day was in the evening.  My mom came over for a little while and hung out with us since she was worried about Tripp.  I was feeding Tripp and getting him ready in his pajamas, when he decided to throw up again.  When I was wiping his mouth when he let as a for real belly laugh!  It was so cute!!!!  He hasn't done this anymore since that I have seen but he is so ready to belly laugh!  Luckily, Tripp was acting pretty happy and seemed like he would go on to bed for the night, so since my mom was already there and we had had a challenging fussy day and an exhausting night, Thomas and I ran across the street for an impromptu date at the mexican restaurant.  I was a little worried to leave Tripp, but he was keeping his tylenol down so much better and the fever was completely managed by the tylenol, so I allowed myself a little break.  When I got home, Tripp had been a perfect angel and was sleeping peacefully. 

Sunday, we were planning to go to church, but I wasn't really 100% that we should after the challenges Saturday had brought.  In the night, Tripp's fever seemed to completely break and not return and he woke up seemingly like himself.  He was a bit fussier than usual, but nothing crazy.  We ended up going to church and he was pretty good.  We had a meeting with the church to take a tour before service because we are thinking about joining.  We checked out the nursery and the sunday school programs and met some people in the church.  It was really nice.  I think we are going to join.  The rest of our Sunday was pretty relaxed.  We went to eat dinner at the Casey's house and spent getting ready for the week ahead. 

that smile and those cheeks!
worn out after a hard weekend!
Grandpa's fishing buddy on his new boat.  He was EXHAUSTED here

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was SO nice!  Our Saturday was spent relaxing and cleaning the house, but then that afternoon we had plans to get Tripp's 3 month pictures made.  Unfortunately the weather and the photographer's schedule and our schedule caused us to have to push the pictures back a few weeks so he didn't get them until the day he turned 4 months! haha!  Oh well!  We took our photos in downtown Savannah at Forsyth Park.  I wanted them to be a family picnic style shoot that showed how beautiful Savannah is in the Spring.  We all dressed in fresh colors.  Tripp wore an ADORABLE green and blue plaid sunsuit by Anvy Kids.  I absolutely love that little outfit!  I wore a white eyelet dress and a green cardigan and Thomas wore khakis and a white button down.  I think our outfits coordinated really nicely.  We are doing these pictures every 3 months for Tripp's first year.  Professional photography is such an important thing to me.  We took a lot of pictures and I took some nursing shots which I am super excited about.  One funny thing that happened was there was this drugged up couple in the park while we were there.  We had to keep shooting at angles that didn't put them in the background because they were a sight!  They were most certainly on some sort of drug that altered their moods because the woman was screaming at the man, then they tackled him and was making out with him and laying on him, and then she was balled up in the fetal position crying.  It was so bizarre!  After our photos, we went to Mellow Mushroom and ate some pizza for dinner.  We got the baked potato pizza which is Thomas and my favorite.  Tripp was an angel and just looked all around the restaurant.  He was VERY interested in the paintings on the walls.  I told Thomas that even though it wasn't Mother's Day yet, this was my perfect celebration.  Just me and my two guys.  
Y'all pigs must be flying because Tripp fell asleep during tummy time!  That is a first!  He usually cries during tummy time!

Sunday, we woke up and leisurely got ready for church.  Thomas gave me my present, which was beautifully wrapped in a Target sack.  haha!  He and Tripp gave me some pralines, two beautiful cards, and a pandora bead that has a blue crystal in it and a baby hand print.  I felt so lucky to have those boys!   We went to church with my mom and Nanny as usual, and then we headed over to Thomas' parents house to have a celebratory lunch.  It was a nice crowd.  Grandpa was out of the hospital, so he and Grandma came, my mom and Nanny, Thomas' parents, Aunt Lu, and then Grandpa's niece showed up a little later as she is staying with them to help out while Grandpa heals.  We gave our presents to all the moms and the grandmas (painted pottery with Tripp's feet prints), ate popyes chicken for lunch, and just soialized.  Tripp was the center of attention as ususal with all the relatives passing him around.  He is such a good boy to handle all that interaction.  He was pretty tired by the end of the afternoon, so we had to cut our time short and take him home.  He was really good all day long!  Thomas' mom and dad gave me a beautiful petunia to plant in our yard, and my mom gave me a painted picture frame that we made at the pottery studio (except the owner dropped it and we had to start over and make a new one...for free obviously.  The owner felt awful!!!!) 

Looking adorable for church in the jon jon Diane made for him
the lights at church are so interesting!
the grandma's gifts
Grandma Patti's gift

Nana's gift
My first Mother's Day was absolutely wonderful and I could not be happier to get to be a mom to this perfect little boy!  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tripp Grows Up - 4 Months

Tripp, you are 4 months old!!! How did you get so big?
  • You are weighing 12 lbs and 7 oz and are 22.75 inches tall 
  • You are wearing size 0-3 and 3 month clothing for the most part.  You can still squeeze into your Newborn items, but they are quickly becoming highwaters.  With onesies, you can wear either size.  In pants, your little waist is a bit small for 3 months, but your legs are too long for the newborns. 
  • We are transitioning you out of size 1 diapers and into size 2. You can wear either size at this point, but it is easier to buy them larger so you don't outgrow them in the middle of a box.
  • You are still nursing on demand. You nurse about 6-7 times in the hours I am home with you, and take about 4-5 bottles (2 oz) at daycare. You love to nurse so much and I think it is a comfort thing more than anything to explain why you nurse so many times at home during the work week. You nurse exclusively on the weekends. You have become such a sweet little nurser. You snuggle up into me and pull your hands up and hold onto me. You either hold my shirt, or you hold me, or you put your hands on your head and roll your eyes as if to say "this is SO yummy!"
  • You have officially gotten on a bedtime schedule this month. You go to sleep at 7:00 on the dot now and it is evident if we push your bedtime at all! You get a bath most nights and then I put your lotion and pajamas on you and rock you and nurse you until you go to sleep. I usually sing to you or we listen to lullabys on my iphone. Many people advise against rocking or nursing a baby to sleep because it makes it harder when they are toddlers to put them down, but I do both and I don't care that we are going against what "they" say. You are my sweet baby and I so enjoy these special moments rocking and nursing you while you drift off. These moments are so sweet and so fleeting. I know I will remember your sleepy eyes getting heavy and how perfectly content you are in these moments for the rest of my life. I feel like life is perfect in this time of the day.
  • You are also on a waking schedule for your middle of the night feedings. You go to sleep at 7, wake at 9:30-10:30 (sometimes you drop this feeding), eat between 1-2:30 depending when you woke last, and again between 4-5. You usually eat about 10 minutes and then you are down again.
  • You are still sleeping in "Lamber" next to my side of the bed, however we are starting the transition to crib. You start each night in your crib at 7, and if you wake for your 9:30ish feeding, I move you to Lamber after that. You don't really go down well in the crib after that feeding which is one reason why we move you (there are others too) and sometimes you don't even make it to that feeding in the crib, but we are working on getting more comfortable in there and hoping by about 6 months you will be ready to move there permanently. 
  • You have started talking SO much this month! You "talk"  up a storm cooing and gurgling and making your baby noises.  It is so precious!
  • You are smiling SO much now! It is infectious!  We love to watch you smile!  You find some things funny, but you haven't laughed yet.  You just open your mouth as wide as it will go.  You want to laugh SO bad! 
  • Your temperment is just the best!  You are never upset and so good!  You only get upset when you are overly tired/stimulated, or hungry.  You do not like to wake up in the mornings and take a little while to wake.  We unswaddle you and you stretch and fall back asleep mid stretch many days.  It takes you a good 5-15 minutes before you are ready to go get your diaper changed and agree to wake up.  You won't even wake up fully for your night time feedings!  You grunt and eventually it will turn into crying, but I don't let it get that far.  You grunt, I answer your call and then you keep your eyes closed tight all through the feeding (as do I for the most part other than getting you latched). 
  • You have officially found your hands! You used to eat them when you were hungry only, but now you eat them for fun.  You stick your hands in your mouth all the time and even gag yourself with them at times.  You haven't figured out that sticking you fingers too far will make all that milk come back up yet! It's cute until it gets messy!
  • You are now "playing" with toys!  You can hold onto a toy if we put it in your hand for you and you like to move the toy to your mouth and chew on it (but in all honesty I think you are really just trying to eat your hands, not explore the toy...but it's there so in the mouth it goes) When you drop the toy, you can't pick it back up yet or anything like that, but you are beginning to enjoy loveys and teething toys.  Your daycare teacher Miss Ashley told me about this and now we love to give you toys!
  • Your favorite toys continue to be your activity gyms with the animals that hang off. They create so many smiles in you!
  • Speaking of teething, I am wondering if you are beginning to teethe!  You drool constantly and you chew on your hands a lot.  I'm not sure if the hands and the drool are just from your new trick or if they are tied to teething.  You aren't unhappy and you don't have any teeth showing through your gums, but it is something that has made me wonder at times this month. 
  • We have been really pushing tummy time with you this month.  You don't enjoy being on your tummy much, and I didn't really make you do it when you were tiny.  You slept so much of the day until about 6-8 weeks and the small amount of time you were awake I didn't want you upset with being on your tummy (plus you were so tiny and playing catch up so I didn't feel you were really ready for new skills like tummy time) so I really didn't start tummy time until your 3rd month, but it has been really pushed now that you are getting bigger. You did fall asleep one day recently during tummy time, but usually you fuss about 10 minutes or so, sometimes much less though.   
  • You are such a joy to watch grow and complete our world!

Toys are Fun!

Tripp has discovered toys!  I haven't really handed him any yet because he hasn't been reaching or grabbing them, so I didn't really think he would know what to do with them in his hands.  However, daycare told me that he loves to hold little toys and put them right to his mouth!  I saw him do that with a set of play keys at the center and had to show Daddy his new "trick"  Although he still doesn't grab a toy on his own accord, he LOVE when you put one in his hand!  Straight to the mouth it goes for him to explore!  If you put the toy in one hand, it somehow ends up being grabbed by the other hand!  He is learning his grasping skills and how to play!  He is such a growing little boy!  It is SO fun to watch him learn and discover new things!